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I'm an Enterprise Architect that can dive into details and then emerge again.
My recent Vodafone Business Intelligence & Business Analytics success is an example of a very successful deep dive.
I found my favourite subject now and would prefer BI & BA or BI Competence Centre jobs.
Still that doesn't make me a one-subject expert.
I take this 'diving' to the extreme.
For example:

  1. An insurance company stopped doing business because the central MQ server stopped functioning.
    MQ experts stepped in but couldn't find the root cause.
    Working together with network-, server-, application- and business experts, I was able to pinpoint the problem to wrong TCP settings on a network card.

  2. A bank was not able to process a BI day load in 24 hours.
    Microsoft advised to buy a new Microsoft BI appliance.
    Working together with Network- server- and application experts.
    I was able to squeeze out more performance on current server by optimising Disk and memory.
    Postponing an investment for a few years.

  3. A supplier told a mortgage bank that they needed an ESB.
    The bank asked me for a second opinion.
    I dived into the details and reported: You already have products that offer your "ESB" requirements.
    BizTalk and Microsoft communication Framework (MCF).

Does this make me a MQ-, TCP-, disk-, memory-, ESB-, BizTalk- or MCF expert?
No, it just shows that I can communicate on all levels and bring out the best in experts.
Business Intelligence and Business Analytics are my latest adventures and I love it.