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Enterprise Architecture

I was one of the first to define Enterprise Architecture standards in the Netherlands as a cowriter for Nederlandse Overheids Referentie Architectuur (NORA). We wanted to link architectural thinking to projects and introduced a Project Start Architecture (PSA).
Until today I regret selecting this name. People think that a PSA is document that is produced before a project starts and during the project changes are not allowed. That was never our intention. We wanted a ‘living’ document that documents all architectural guidance.
If during a project life cycle architectural guidance changes, you have to decide when and how to implement these changes in your project. Depending on impact you could finish this project and let a new release implement the new architectural guidance or implement it in this project. You always have to document this in your PSA.

Back then, when we worked on NORA,  I worked for Sogeti and was able to also introduce Project Start Architecture (PSA) in DYA.

I (still) like the NOVIUS model. But be warned. Don't use this model to the extreme. Know when to stop.
It's a model to support mapping your Enterprise Architecture future state and roadmap. NOT a product that has to conform to standards and then gets filed.

NORA and NOVIUS was later combined with BISL and ITIL and this was the foundation for TOGAF.
I know all frameworks and even taught NORA and TOGAF.
But I’m not certified. There was simply never a reason to become certified.

I'm still an excellent Enterprise Architect but my favourite subject is Business Intelligence and Business Analytics.
Including all related subjects like a "Business Intelligence Competence Centre" and IOT.