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QNH and Maastro Clinic

In December 2016 QNH ( Marc Broens ) organised an evening for QNH Business Intelligence specialists and invited three speakers.

· Stan van Hoesel ( @ Maastricht university.

· Andre Dekker (Medical Physicist @Maastro clinic / Full professor @Maastricht university).

· Jos Driessen (Myself)

Subject was : (Big) data analytics to determine the best Cancer treatment for individual patients.
Because of worldwide privacy regulations it’s not allowed to centralise all patients data. Even if it’s anonymised. Procedure now is to leave data IN hospital systems and send a team to data mine and pick up statistics that can be used in a centralised Data Warehouse. They already have a lot of success and are able to assist doctors with an app to advice on treatment.

Now a team spends 3 months data mining in a single hospital.
If we could speed up this process, then we could save more lives.

After a very interesting evening we decided to work together.
Plan is to use Data Warehouse automation to speed up Data mining and implement an Agile centralised Data Warehouse.
Especially WhereScape 3D could be an interesting asset to speedup Data mining.
I’ve already contacted WhereScape and they are willing to (pro bono) cooperate.
You’ll hear more from me soon.