Grijzegrubben 17 6361 GK Nuth, Netherlands | +31621146995

Jos Driessen

I’m a genuine architect. Not only introducing architecture in organizations but also practicing architecture in a successful way. Specialists in many fields regard me as their fellow colleague and can share detailed business, functional and technical knowledge with me.

Combining new development and detailed knowledge from multiple fields, I can come up with not obvious alternatives. Discussing these alternatives with experts will challenge them to take an extra step and together we can influence decision makers to take a company to the next level.

As a cowriter of the Nederlandse Overheids Referentie Architectuur (NORA), I was one of the first to define Enterprise Architecture standards in the Netherlands. NORA was the foundation for the later version TOGAF.
I worked for Sogeti when they published DYA and introduced the Project Start Architecture (PSA).

My biggest carrier change was in 2014.

I was manager BI architecture & Strategy at Vodafone and successfully changed the Business Intelligence Competence Centre (BICC) into a modern agile, (big) data driven organization, application, and infrastructure.

I am at my best as an Enterprise Architect, but I’m also a BI & Big data expert and can manage a team of experts on a strategic level.

The Vodafone success encouraged me to start my own company and I travelled all over the world to tell everyone about data warehouse automation, big data, and analytics. After all this traveling I returned to my roots as an enterprise architect and joint Athlon.