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“My passion is to guide companies to the next level by challenging experts and influencing decision makers”
Jos Driessen

Purpose of this site

To let you know that I'm one of the best Enterprise Architects and Business Intelligence, (big) data analytics architects you ever came across.  Yes, I'm humble as a human being but no longer about my IT capabilities. I've proven over and over again that I can have a huge positive impact on companies.

If you read this first sentences you know by now, this is not just another "I started my own company' site.
There are three situation you would consider hiring me:

  1. You want to take your Enterprise architecture / Business intelligence / business analytics to the next level and you currently see not enough progress.
    I will certainly make a difference and boost your progress, as a manager or as a team member.

    As a manager :
    You have read all about new management styles in the media?
    Not telling experts what to do, but stimulating and supporting them to perform at their best.
    A compliment I received from my last team was: "You are not a manager by normal standards, but you're the best manager we ever had".

    As a team member:
    I don't use conventional methods to blend into you architectural community and extend our contract as long as possible.
    No, I'll find ways to optimize your architecture by challenging experts and influencing decision makers.
    As team member all success will go to the team.

  2. You have a problem no one can fix.
    I'm the experienced guy to call if all else fails and you need someone to find a solution fast.
    I'll find the root cause and advice you what to do to mitigate further problems.
    That could be as simple as resetting a network card or it could be a message no one wants to hear. Like stopping a project, changing a business process or changing infrastructure. I always concentrate on content and never on blaming people. If it's a difficult message to convey to your superiors, I would assist you. We would work as a team to turn this problem into an opportunity.

  3. You're organising a seminar or you want a private session for your company to make your colleagues aware about new developments.
    I'm a well-known speaker and always recieving compliments for the way I explain complicated subjects very simple.
    On Twitter: "Just saw Jos Driessen speaking at Teradata partners, a smart, funny presentation".

All this is under your supervision.
If you hire me you hire a lot of experience, knowledge and honesty.
You can find evidence of all my endeavours and successes on this site.